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Manuscripts under Review

Smeglin, Y., Y. Shi, J. Kaye, C. Hodges, Q. Tang, D. Xiao, Brandon Forsythe, K. Davis, and C. Wayman, 2021: Evaluation of Flux-PIHM, a physically-based land surface hydrologic model in an agricultural watershed. Hydrological Processes.

Leonard, L., Y. Shi, C. White, and A. R. Kemanian, 2020: Visual analytics and decision support for agroecosystem field operations using the Cycles web service. Environmental Modelling and Software.

Zhi, W., Y. Shi, H. Wen, L. Saberi, G.-H. C. Ng, and L. Li, 2020: BioRT-Flux-PIHM v1.0: A watershed biogeochemical reactive transport model. Geoscientific Model Development.