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Manuscripts under Review

Xiao, D., Y. Shi, S. Brantley, and L. Li, 2018: Contrasting water storage and connectivity in first-order catchments of differing lithology and topography. Water Resources Research.

Pravia, M., A. R. Kemanian, J. A. Terra, Y. Shi, I. Macedo, and S. Goslee, 2018: Soil carbon saturation, productivity, and carbon and nitrogen cycling in crop-pasture rotations. Agricultural Systems.

Sullivan, P. L., Y. Godderis, Y. Shi, X. Gu, J. Schott, E. A. Hasenmueller, J. Kaye, C. Duffy, L. Jin, and S. L. Brantley, 2018: Earthcasting reveals weathering fluxes increase with warming temperatures but decrease with nutrient cycling. Earth's Future.