Visual analytics and decision support for agroecosystem field operations using the Cycles web service


Agroecosystem models are increasingly used by growers, policymakers and scientists to evaluate agroecosystem performance, including crop yield optimization, mitigation of greenhouse gas emission, improvement in water quality, soil conservation, government regulations and other environmental stewardships. With the increasing use of agroecosystem software as a service, there is an emerging need to facilitate growers' participation in developing and sharing field operation management plans for scenario evaluation to improve communication among stakeholders, preserve data integrity, and increase data use. The significant barrier to these types of participation is the complexity of both parameterizing, operating, visualizing and interpreting results of both field and larger watershed scales produced by agroecosystem models that meet a diverse range of ecosystem service objectives. The focus of this paper is to demonstrate using workflows and visualization tools to facilitate rapid and repeatable creation of field operations into agroecosystem models using services and web applications.